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IN THIS LOOK “Round Mirrored Sunnies” BY: MATSUDA EYEWEAR (from OPTICAL SHOP OF ASPEN, Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA).

Leather Moto Jacket: ACNE STUDIOS (from Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills)

Dress: CUT25 by Yigal Azrouël

Shoes: STUART WEITZMAN (from Bergdorf Goodman)

Bag: Vintage CHANEL

As so elequently put by one of our most esteemed fashion designers today, Zac Posen…ME watching, and HE judging, yet another fist clinching episode of Project Runway, Zac cringed at one of the contestant designer’s creations and gasped, “Oh…no!  I’m soooo over the whole motorcycle jacket trend!”  Double YIKES!!!  So much for this outfit post huh?!?! Well, as much as I adore Mr. Zac Posen (scroll below to see my obsession with his fashion dating all the way back to year 2009) – I’m unfortunately, still equally very much in love with the “MOTO” trend – pause for Zac’s silent eye-rolling : ) Fall is one of my favorite seasons and this Acne Studios Moto Jacket (which I purchased last year) along with my brand new prescription Matsuda Eyewear’s round mirrored sunnies, once again makes me “MOTO READY” this season!  Hey!  I invested quite a bit of money on this jacket and plan to whip it out every chance I can, especially during the Fall months you know?!?!  LOL!  Oh!  Before I forget, please allow me to thank Cynthia Paredes, Licensed Assistant Boutique Manager, at Optical Shop of Aspen in Fashion Island for helping me with these amazing sunglasses which, I will of course, plan to wear like ALWAYS!  LOL!

03_ACNE STUDIOS_Moto Jacket_KHOLLAGE_DENILEE_Cut25_Yigal Azrouel_Fashion Blog_Sunnies_Mirrored

04_Motorcycle Jacket_DENILEE_KHOLLAGE_Matsuda Eyewear_Acne Studios_Fashion

05_Stuart Weitzman_DENILEE_KHOLLAGE_Vintage Chanel_AcneStudios_Style_Blog

06_KHOLLAGE_Style Diary_DENILEE_Moto Jacket_Chanel_Matsuda Eyewear

07_Vintage Chanel_DENILEE_KHOLLAGE_Acne Studios_Fashion Blogger

Here are some of my favorite pics from Zac’s 2009 show in Fashion Island, CA:

02_DENI LEE_KHOLLAGE_ChloeYorkshire_Zac Posen

03_Zac Posen_Chloe Yorkshire_KHOLLAGE_Deni Lee

04_Zac Posen_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE_Fashion Blog_Chloe Yorkshire

05_Zac Posen Fashion Show_Fashion Island_AnnaMaria Mostrom_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE

06_Zac Posen_Fashion Show_Model_AnnaMaria Mostrom_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE_Blogger

07_AnnaMaria Mostrom_DeniLee_Chloe Yorkshire_Fashion_Model_Blogger

09_DeniLee_KHOLLAGE_Zac Posen Fashion Show_Fashion Island_Newport Beach_Chloe Yorkshire_Celebrity Pooch_OC Register

Photo Credit:  Paul Rodriguez, The OC Register

08_AnnaMaria Mostrom_OC Register_Zac Posen Fashion Show_LA NY Model

Photo Credit: Paul Rodriguez, The OC Register

For those of you who were kind enough to continue scrolling down this post:  the bombshell blonde model in the above photos – was none other than my friend, AnnaMaria Mostrom.  She was perhaps one of the kindest, most grateful – beautiful on the outside and inside girl – I had ever met since moving to Cali from NYC.  Tubby, Chloe and I were absolutely infatuated with AnnaMaria as she excluded pure grace and a soul much deeper than this fashion industry will ever know.  It’s been a very tough week as we tragically learned of her bike accident in NY, and a completely surreal, mournful time, as we came to grips with her recent death.  The one person who consistently encouraged me, by cheering me on continuously as I kept posting ridiculous selfies of myself for this blog –  would now be an angel in heaven…

10_AnnaMaria Mostrom_Chloe Yorkshire_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE_Fashion Models

11_AnnaMaria Mostrom_Chanel_LA Model_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE

12_AnnaMariaMostrom_LA NY Model_

Photo Credit:  I wish I could find the photographer who originally took this picture!

13_LA NY Model_AnnaMaria Mostrom_RIP

Photo Credit:  To the friends & family who loved AnnaMaria so dearly.

AnnaMaria’s most recent “like” of my silly selfie – was on our private friends and family Facebook account –  for my “A Pop of YSL Blue!” blog post, just a few months ago.  If I had known that I would never again get to see this joyous girl’s pictures of her exciting life adventures, and never again feel the warmth of her encouraging hands to keep following my dreams…I would have made a hundred appointments to have coffee, tea, lunch, dinner, whatever time necessary to get to know this amazing lady even more.  From afar, I gained so much needed inspiration and strength from this radiant AnnaMaria…but I never got to tell her.  Perhaps this is why she has been in my mind nearly every day for the past week.  Perhaps this is also why my last post was so filled with emotion and why this post is equally emotional.  I’m not sure if what I write, say or do has any iota of importance, but I’d like to dedicate this post and the rest of my own adventures in fashion to AnnaMaria Mostrom – one of my first and sweetest stylish friends who was also WAY down to earth.  May we all walk in beauty like the flowers she so loved.  Thank you AnnaMaria.  Heaven has gained yet another fabulous fashionista forever!  We will miss you dearly!  Rest in peace…  AND likewise, thank all of you for your encouragement and support.  Till next time…

08_DENILEE_AcneStudios_Leather Jacket_Matsuda Eyewear_KHOLLAGE_Fashion Blog_OCBLOGGER_LABLOGGER_Round Sunglass_Mirrored

09_Chanel_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE_Cut25_Fashion Blog_Acne Studios_Leather Moto Jacket

10_DENILEE_KHOLLAGE_FBLOGGER_Style_Chanel_Acne Studios_Leather Jacket

11_DENILEE_KHOLLAGE_OC Fashion Blogger_Acne Studios_Leather Jacket_Matsuda Eyewear

12_KHOLLAGE_Fashion_Style_OCBlogger_LABlogger_Chanel_Cut25_AcneStudios_Matsuda Eyewear

13_KHOLLAGE_Black Leather_Vintage Chanel_DENILEE_Style Blog_Matsuda Eyewear

14_KHOLLAGE_Stuart Weitzman_Cut25_AcneStudios_DENILEE_Fashion_Style_Blog_OC_LA

15_Deni Lee_KHOLLAGE_Matsuda Eyewear_Acne Studios_Leather Moto Jacket_Vintage Chanel_Cut25_Yigal Azrouel

16_KHOLLAGE_Fashion Blogger_DeniLee_Matsuda EyeWear_Sunglass_Mirrored Round_Sunnies_Acne Studio_Moto Jacket

17_DeniLee_Mirrored Matsuda Round Sunglasses_Vintage Chanel_Leather Moto Jacket_Acne Studios_Fashion Blogger_OC Fashion Blogger

18_OCFashion_Blogger_DeniLee_Vintage Chanel_Leather Moto Jacket_Acne Studios_Cut25 Yigal Azrouel

19_Deni Lee_OC Fashion Blog_KHOLLAGE_LA Blogger_Chanel_Vintage_Yigal Azrouel_Cut25 Dress_Black_Leather Moto Jacket_Acne Studios_Matsuda Eyewear

20_Vintage Chanel_Black Lambskin Leather Bag_DENI LEE_KHOLLAGE_OC Fashion Blogger


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