WHAT is more BOLD and vertically flattering than STRIPES?  New York Fashion Week was completely striped over this year right?!  Well, this is one longevity pattern that will never go out of style ladies! I particularly love joining two slightly different striped elements, such as this affordable blouse from Forever 21 (which I bought last season), and DVF skirt (which I purchased nearly seven years ago) and refining the outfit with a few stand-out accessories.


This jumbo Louis Vuitton patent leather belt, Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bag, and super sleek Christian Louboutin booties, were definitely “investment” items from a few years back, but I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating them into my wardrobe year over year.  The lesson here is that not everything has to be brand new or extremely expensive for you to enjoy dressing on-trend.  Fabulous pieces will always remain fabulous.  It’s all about merging the right pieces and juxtaposing the right structure, cut, materials, textures, and colors to suit your need and individual taste.


3_Christian Louboutin Booties_Stripes


Also, SoCal has been unusually warm these past few weeks, which caused for a bright and cheery in-door photo shot with the most enlightening sunlight YELLOW background that was perfect for STRIPES!  This has to be one of my most favorite outfit posts yet!  Oh, almost forgot to add…be extra careful not to go too wild on the stripes though, because there’s a very fine line (no pun intended : ) between looking stripe-audacious chic to looking ridiculously pajama-crazed or referee-esque. Enjoy the rest of the post and thanks as always for your support!


7_Christian Louboutin_Booties_LouisVuitton_Tote

8_Louis Vuitton_Bag_Belt_Forever21_ Top

9_Marc Jacobs_Sunnies_LouisVuitton_Bag_Belt_Forever 21_Top

10_Forever 21_ Top_Diane Von Furstenberg Skirt_Stripes

11_Forever 21_Shirt_Louis Vuitton_Oversized_Belt


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