Blue is one of my favorite colors, but also one of the toughest to coordinate with outfits and backdrops.  Even more difficult?  Trying to incorporate an ABSTRACT blue print dress (such as this one from BCBG several seasons ago) with a blue backdrop.  Even my brand new Gucci belt (from Bergdorf Goodman), Chloe sunnies, and Burberry booties had an arduous time during this post!  Hence, I’ll have to re-think this type of outfit/backdrop combination in the future.  FYI to other bloggers out there…

Challenges aside, I’ve been feeling a little “blue” lately : (  Pourquoi?  Fashion blogging has taken over my life and along with it came a completely fortuitous lack of time these days…fortunate or not!  I love how it has forced me to become quite ‘social’ both on and offline, but my calendar feels much busier than it should be.  I suppose it comes with the territory of having a full-time day job, as a management consultant, and blogging by night.  Hopefully someday soon, my days will also turn to nights! :)  Till then, be kind ladies, no mean comments on this post ok?  Remember, I’m already feelin’ BLUE!  LOL!  Thanks as always for your support!

3_BCBG_Abstract Print_Dress_Burberry_Booties

4_Abstract Print_Dress_BCBG_Gucci_Belt_KHOLLAGE

5_Abstract Print_Blue Dress_DeniLee_KHOLLAGE

6_Abstract Blue_Print_Neckline_Dress_KHOLLAGE

7_Gucci Belt_Abstract Print_Blue_Dress_BCBG

8_Gucci_Belt_Abstract Print_Pattern_Dress_BCBG_KHOLLAGE


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